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EOLE RES - wind farm development, construction
EOLE RES - solar energy projects developer, construction EOLE RES - Careers in wind energy, jobs in solar power
The twin challenges of climate change and energy security are now undeniable. Making greater use of wind and solar power, geothermal energy, biomass and marine technologies such as tidal and wave power, represents one of our best strategies for meeting the climate change challenge, whilst also helping to secure the availability and security of future energy supplies.
We possess all the skills required to design, develop, build and operate successful projects, from choosing sites and designing the project, right up to the construction and operation of a generating renewable energy power plant. We ensure projects are designed to generate power at the most competitive prices with minimal impact on the local environment.
Renewable energy will be pivotal in providing solutions to our energy and climate challenges, and EOLE-RES excels in delivering these solutions. Our team is committed to the highest working standards, standards that have underpinned EOLE-RES’s reputation for quality and commercial success. Employed by EOLE-RES, you’ll gain experience at the cutting edge of the industry.